Constrained by the love of Christ, a dynamic young man – Vedanyagam Samuel Azariah (Who was destined to become the internationally acclaimed BISHOP AZARIAH OF DORNAKAL) shared his vision with like minded colleagues – 20 laymen and 8 clergymen who went on their knees and poured their hearts in prayer. Their God given vision opened the doors of an abundant fruitful mission through Indian Missionary Society born on 12th February 1903 at Palayamkottai, Thirunelvelli district, South India. Thus was born the first indigenous missionary organization in India,whose aim is to obey the great commission of our Lord as proclaimed in Mathew 28: 19.-"Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations."



The ardent prayers and the devoted hard toil by the early missionaries (Sri Samuel Packianathan, Sri.Devasahayam and Sri Solomon Packianathan) soon yielded the first fruits of the mission in Dornakal, Andhrapradesh. The Lambadies of this area were the first recipients of the joy of the Gospel. Dornakal became a diocese in 1912. A magnificent cathedral now stands at Dornakal as a witness to the sacrificial toil of our missionaries.
mission field


Our Centenary Vision is (1) to open  a Mission Center in (a) every district by 2028, (b) at every  Panchayat by 2053 and (c) every village by 2103, (2) to open mission fields in  Jammu, Tibet and Bhutan and (3)  to translate the Bible into Indian Languages into which no other organization has translated so far. New testament has already been translated in Banjara(Andhra) language and is being translated in Desiya language using Oriya script. Three books of New Testament are in print.

To Translate this vision into reality we are forming Church Planters Fold (a group of persons supporting IMS thro' their prayers & financial support, who will render holistic support to one District Mission Centre and bring it to the level of a mission field. Monthly contribution are also accepted for this project.



By His abundant grace through our total commitment, we have grown in leaps and bounds. Today, in the hundred and third year of its inception, the word of God is proclaimed in 20 states of India. We have more than 652  missionaries, working in 3900 villages. 255 churches have been built prayers are conducted in 741 house churches also. We have established 5 schools and 24 hostels to impart education to the needy children. We have also established 8 medical centers for rendering medical help to poor people & 10 rehabilitation centers. 


Goal & Guide Lines
The Bible is the base. The Holy Spirit is the power. Fortified with prayer and faith, the goal of IMS is to win India for Christ, using Indian personnel, Money and Management.
News & Events


YEAR 2013

IMS-Annual General Body Meeting:

IMS-Festival 2013 is on 4th of Aug at St. Marks Cathedral Grounds

Raffle Ticket Prize Winners - 2013

Bible Quiz - Answers (for Children)
1) Job: Job 29:25
2) Pharaoh to Moses : Exodus 10:28
3) Darius Daniel 9:1
4) 600 Genesis 5: 25-29
5) Abimelech Judges 9:4,5
6) Alabaster perfume Mark 14:3
7) Job received doubly, sons and daughters same number Job 1:2,3 ; 42: 12,13
8) Hananiah Nehemiah 7:2
9) The thoughts of man - Psalms 94:11
10) The aged Leviticus 19:32
1) C : Dura-Plan Daniel 3:1
2) e :Jacinth -previous stone Revelation 21:20
3) d :Zeruah - widow 1 Kings 11:26
4) a: Abaddon - Appollyon Revelation 9:11
5) b: Ezel - Stone : I Samuel 20:19
1) Elisha II Kings 4:7
2) Luke Colossians 4:14
3) Dan Judges 18:29
4) Bul 1 Kings 6:38
5) Melchizedek Hebrew 7:1
1) Rewarded 1 Corinthians 3:8
2) Chosen Mathew 22:14
3) Anger, Wrath Psalms 37:8
4) Eaber, Strong Judges 14:14
5) Wind, Clouds, Ece 11:4

Bible Quiz -2013 (Answers for Adults)
1) Gath Hpher: II Kings 14:25
2) Ivory : Amos 3:15
3) Jason & others: Acts 17:9
4) Israel : Isiah 9:12
5) Enoch : Jude 1:14,15
6) Tribes of Zebulun & Issachar: Deut 33:19
7) Shebna : Isiah 22: 15, 18
8)It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35
9) Timnah - Judges 15:6
10) Hezekiah : II Chronicles 32:30
1) Prayer of Pharisee . Luke 18:12
2) 1 Penny 2 Sparrows. Mat 10:29
3) 2 Pennies 5 Sparrows. Luke 12:6
5 Bread + 2 Fish : 5000 ate it (Jesus); Mat 14:17, 21; Mark 6:41, Luke 9:16
20 Loaves feeding 100 (Elisha) II Kings 4:42
4) Naaman went to Elisha with 10 talents of Silver, 6000 Shekals of gold and
10 sets of clothing Gehzi took 2 talents of Silver and
2 sets of clothing. Result: Leprasy ; II Kings 5:5, 23, 27
5) Seth lived 912 years, His father Adam lived 930 years, seths Son Enach lived 905 years. Gen 5:5-11
6)250 died because of God's fire. As they grumbled for them
14,700 peopled died from the plague sent by God. Numbers 16:35,41,49
7) David captured 100 Chariots were left out . I Chronicle 18:4
8) Paul received forty lashes minus one - 5 times ; II Corinthians 11:24
9) Anyone came to .. twenty : Haggai 2:16
10) The New Jesursalem city measurement . Rev. 21:16 III)
1) d. Olive Tree-House of God . Psalm 52: 8
2) e. God of Peace - Sanctification . I Thes 5: 23
3) b. Right - Tree of Life. Rev. 22: 14
4) a. Body of Moses - Michael Jude 1: 9
5)c. Strike hands together - The unjust gain. Eze 22:13

IMS-Family Retreat :


IMS is working in Karnataka INDI Bijapur district among lambanis, devadasis, scheduled cast and economically poor people. Our latest project is at Indi, is aimed to build a study center for the tribal children who are living in the IMS hostel. We are seeking your kind contributions towards the souvenir by means of advertisements placed in it.
The tarrif for the advt. is as follows. Please reach us on or before 5th Dec'11. Your contributions are eligible for tax exemptions as per 80G.

Front Cover : Rs. 10,000.00/-
Back Outer: Open Bid
Back Inner: Rs. 8,000/-
Special Multicolor Page: Rs. 5,000/-
Full Color Page: Rs. 3,000/-
Full B/W Page: Rs. 2,000/-
Half Page B/W: Rs. 1,000/-
Quarter Page: Rs.500/-